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Bsc agriculture entrance exam

Agricultural exams are held at national, state and university level to grant admission to the candidates in various undergraduate and postgraduate agricultural programmes in Indian agricultural universities. At the national level, ICAR is conducted and AGRICET, CG PAT, JCECE, MP PAT are conducted at the state level. The courses offered in agriculture have a great scope. They deal with food production, horticulture, rural economy and development, environmental health etc.......  National Level Agricultural Entrance Exams Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)  –  AIEEA UG  |  AIEEA PG  |  AICE SRF/JRF (PGS) State Level Agriculture Entrance Exams Andhra Pradesh AP Engineering, Agriculture and Medical Common Entrance Test (EAMCET) AGRICET Chhattisgarh CG Pre Agriculture Test (PAT) Indira Gandhi Agricultural University (IGKV) CET Jharkhand Jharkhand Combined Entrance Competitive Examination (JCECE) Maharashtra MCAER Common Entrance Test (CET) Madhya Pradesh MP Pre Agriculture Test

General agriculture Quiz

General Agriculture quiz

Q-1 ______ is the first National Park of the world. 
a- Yellow Stone Park
b- Hailey National Park
c-  Kaziranga National Park
d- None of these

Ans - Yellow Stone Park is the first National Park of the world established in 1872 in America. 

Hailey National Park now known as Jim Corbett is the First national park of India established in 1936.

Q-2 International Plant Genetic Resource Institute ( IPGRI) is located at

1-Rome ,Italy 
3-Delhi, India
4-None of these

Ans - Rome, Italy

Note - National bureau of Plant genetic resource is located at New Delhi.

Q-3 Coffee rust is caused by? 

1- Uromyces hobsoni
2- Hemileia vastatrix
3-  Cronartium ribicola
4- Ravenelia emblicae

Ans -Hemileia vastatrix

Q-4 Loss of electron is known as

1- Oxidation
2- Reduction
3- Catalysis
4-  Hydrolysis

Ans - Oxidation

Q-5 Burning Quality of Tobacco decreased due to? 
1- Phosphorus 
2- Potassium
3- Chloride
4- Sulphate

Ans- Chloride

Q-6 All India coordinated  Maize improvement project started on? 

1- 1957
2- 1967
3- 1977
4- 1978

Ans - 1957

Q-7 All silkworm belongs to the order? 

1- Hemiptera
3- Lepidoptera

Ans - Lepidoptera

Q-8 Which cereal  known   as " Queen of cereals " ? 

1- Wheat
2- Maize
3-  Rice
4- Sorghum

Ans - Maize

 Q-9 Nutrients deficiency responsible for heart rot   Sugar beet is? 
1- Zinc
2- Boron
3- Copper
4- None of these

Ans - Boron 

Q-10 The fertile female honey bee is called  ? 


Ans - Queen

 Q-11 The pH value of milk is? 

4- 9.0

 Ans - 6 . 6

Q-12 Convolvulus arvensis  is a botanical name of  ? 
1- Motha
2- Chichory
3- Hirankhuri
4- None of these

Ans - Hirankhuri

Q-13 Selman Waksman got Nobel Prize for the discovery of? 
1- Penicillin
2- Streptomycin
3- Tetracycline
4- None of these

Ans -Streptomycin

Q14 - First patent for life forms was  awarded to  ? 
1- A K Singh
2- Cope land
3- Maheswari
4- Anand Chakrabarty

Ans -Anand Chakrabarty

Q15- Gerber method is used  for ___ testing. 

1- Fat
2- Protein
3- Lactose
4-  Vitamins

Ans - Fat

Q16 -Vacuoles are surrounded by? 

1- Plasma membrane
2- Cell wall
3-  Tonoplast
4- Lipid layer

Comment the  answer...... 

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