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Bsc agriculture entrance exam

Agricultural exams are held at national, state and university level to grant admission to the candidates in various undergraduate and postgraduate agricultural programmes in Indian agricultural universities. At the national level, ICAR is conducted and AGRICET, CG PAT, JCECE, MP PAT are conducted at the state level. The courses offered in agriculture have a great scope. They deal with food production, horticulture, rural economy and development, environmental health etc....... National Level Agricultural Entrance ExamsIndian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) – AIEEA UG | AIEEA PG | AICE SRF/JRF (PGS)State Level Agriculture Entrance ExamsAndhra PradeshAP Engineering, Agriculture and Medical Common Entrance Test (EAMCET)AGRICETChhattisgarhCG Pre Agriculture Test (PAT)Indira Gandhi Agricultural University (IGKV) CETJharkhandJharkhand Combined Entrance Competitive Examination (JCECE)MaharashtraMCAER Common Entrance Test (CET)Madhya PradeshMP Pre Agriculture Test (PAT)OrissaOrissa Un…

DDA (SO) Horticulture Officer previous year questions

Which Garden is considered  as  Genesis of Gardening? 
1- Brindavan 2- Eden  3- Osaka 4- Hampshire
Ans - Eden Garden
Which is the most commonly used shrub for making Topiary  ?

1- Cassia glauca

2- Poinsettia pulcherima

3- Clerodendron inerme

4- None of these

Answer- Clerodendron inerme
Ques: Which mode of indoor gardening was developed by Dr. Nathaniel Ward?
a) Jar and Bottle gardening b) Terrariums c)Gardening in tubs and urns d) Hanging basket gardening
Ans - Terrariums
Ques: Wild garden was expounded by William Robinson in - a) 19th century b) 18th century c) 20th century d) 17th century
Ans-19th Century
Ques: Running water in the form of water lantern and fountain is themain feature of  ? 
a) Japanese garden b) Mughal garden c)English garden d) Italian garden
Ans - Mughal Garden
Common name of Vinca rosea ? 
1- Ice Plant 2-Euphorbia 3- Sadabahar 4-None ot these
Ans - Sadabahar
Ques- Based on the market value Flowers can be classified as  ? 
1- Annual Flower 2-  Seasonal Flower 3- Cut Flower  4 - All of these
Ans - Cut Fl…

20 Important Agriculture Question

1. The science concerned with vegetable culture is called? 
(a) floriculture (b) olericulture (c) horticulture (d) agriculture
*Ans. Olericulture
2. Which of the following elements is almost  non essential for plants? (a) Ca (b) Mo (c) Zn (d) Na
*Ans. Sodium
3. Who is known as  Sugarcane wizard  ? 
a -  Amitabh Kant b - T S Venkataraman  C-  Abhinav Gussain D-  None of these
Ans  -  T S Venkataraman
4. Which of the following elements is not present in a nitrogenous base?
(a) Hydrogen (b) Carbon (c) Phosphorus (d) Nitrogen
*Ans Phosphorus
5. A water-fern, which is used as a green manure in rice fields, is

(a) Salvinia (b) Mucor (c) Aspergillus (d) Azolla
*Ans. Azolla
6. Green manure plants used by farmers mainly belong to ? 
(a) compositae (b) leguminosae (c) solanaceae (d) poaceae
*Ans. Leguminosae
7. First bioinsecticide developed commercial scale was   ?  (a) quinine (b) DDT (c) organophosphate (d) sporeine
*Ans. sporeine
8. Norin-l0 gene from Japan is a
(a) dwarf gene of wheat (b) dwarf gene of rice (c) dwarf gene o…

General Agriculture Quiz

Q-1Water has Maximum Density at_____ degree  celsius ? 
a-  1 B- 2  C- 3  D -4
Ans  -  4 degree celsius
Q-2 Protein content in maize is _____ 
A-10 % B-15% C-20% D-25%
Ans - 10%
Q-3   Origin of Cotton ? 
1- Africa 2-China 3 -India 4- Ethiopia
Ans  - India
Q-4 Origin of Arhar ? 
1Africa 2-China 3 -India 4- Ethiopia
Ans -  Africa
Q-5  Alexender Flemming discovered? 
1-  Trycocidine 2- Penicillin 3- None of these
Ans - Penicillin
Q-6 Ficus benghalensis is commonly known as? 
1-  Banana 2- Banyan 3- Babul 4- None of these
Ans- Banyan
Q-7 Pungency in Radish is due to....
1) Solanin 2) Capcisin 3) Isothiocyanate 4) Calcium acetate
Q-8  Which of the following is Polyestrous animal  ?  1- Cattle 2 - Pig 3 - Both of these 4- None of these
Ans - both of these ( cattle & pig)
Q-9 Protogyny is found in the case of..
1) Maize 2) Pearl Millet 3) Wheat 4) Chick pea 5) None of these
Answer- Bajra(Pearl millet)
Q-10  In Honey Bee pollen Basket is present on?  A -Fore Legs B-Hind Legs C-Middle Legs D- A  & B Answer - Hind Legs

Agriculture Quiz by Agri Buddy

Q-1 Ozone Layer Is present In? 
1- Troposphere 2- Stratosphere 3-Mesosphere 4- Thermosphere
Ans- Stratosphere 
Q-2 Golden Shower is the Name of? 
1- Cassia fistula 2- Butea monosperma 3-Vachellia nilotica
Ans-Cassia fistula
Q-3  Which year is celebrated as International year of pulses ? 
1- 2015 2- 2016 3- 2017
Ans - 2016
 Q-4 Potassium sulphate is classified as ? 
1- Complex Fertlizer
2- Straight Fertilizer
3- Mixed Fertilizer
Ans - Straight Fertilizer
Q-5  Silver Revolution is related to  ? 
1-   Cotton  production 2-   Jute   production 3-    Egg  production
Ans  -  Egg production
 Q-6 First Manufactured Fertilizer in India  ? 1- S S  P 2- K C L 3- Ammonium chloride
Ans -  SSP  ( Single super Phosphate) Q-7 Casual organism of Udbatta disease of Rice crop ? 1- pyricularia oryzae2- Ephelis oryzae3- Fusarium moniliformeAns - Ephelis oryzaeQ-8  Which fruit is known as bathroom fruit? 1-Orange2-  Banana 3-   MangoAns -  MangoQ-9 Pusa parvati is the mutant variety of? 1- Potato2- French bean3- Cow PeaAns -  French …

Agriculture one linear

Agriculture One Word Linear
- Harijha is a popular variety of? 
Ans   Guava
Important Guava variety 
Q-2  Botanical name of Saffron  ? 
Ans     Crocus Sativus
Q-3  World food safety day celebrated on? 
Ans      7  June
Q-4     Family Of     Eucalyptus  ? 
Ans      Myrtaceae
Q-5       Vandana is an early maturing variety of  ???  Ans      Rice
Q-6     World day to Combat Desertification &                 Drought ? 
Ans      17  June
Q-7      The book principal of Soil Chemistry                   written by  ? 
Ans       T  H  Tan
Q-8       Which is the largest  Maize  producing                country  ? 
Ans          U S A
Q-9      Pork is  the meat  of   ?? 
Ans      Pig
Q 10 -   Hen & Chicken Disorder is due to                        deficiency  of  ? 
Ans        Boron  . 
Agriculture Quiz Daily agriculture facts Agri Buddy on YouTube

Plant Type Based on Size - Herbs, Shrubs ,Trees, Climbers & Creepers

Plant Type Based on Size --
Herbs - Plant of Small Size ShrubsMedium Size plants Trees   -  Huge Plants
Herbs Characterstic
1- Short height 2- Green & Soft stem 3-May or may not have branches. 

Shrubs 1- Neither too short Nor  too tall.  2- Hard wood thin stem.  3 - Branches are seen towards the base of the          stem. 
Trees 1- Very Tall 2- Strong thick brown stems 3-Branches are many & towards upper part of        stem.  Climbers Climbers are plant with weak stem that need support to climb up and grow.Example include money plant.  Whereas...  Creepers are plant with weak stem that crawl or creep on the ground and  spread.Eg pumpkin What is the difference between creepers and climbers?

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Agricultural Facts

Daily Agriculture Facts...... Part -1

1-Coleoptera is the Largest Insect order having 40 %maximum insect population.
Example of coleoptera include beetles,  ladybugs, fireflies, junebugs, stag beetles, weevils, burying beetles, rove beetles, click beetles, rose chafers, and many others. 

2-Scientific name of Leek is Allium porrurm &  family is Alliaceae
Chromosome no : 2n=4x=32

3-Paul Neergaard is the father of Seed Pathology

4-Prevention of- Microorganisms entry in fruit & vegetables is caled as Asepsis

5-Inflorescence of Soyabean is Raceme

6-Uttar Pradesh is known as Sugar Bowl of India

7-Family of Fig is Moraceae

8- Jafarabadi Buffalo is also known as Mini elephant. 

9-Functional unit of gene is cistron. 

10- Inflorescence of cauliflower? 
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