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Bsc agriculture entrance exam

Agricultural exams are held at national, state and university level to grant admission to the candidates in various undergraduate and postgraduate agricultural programmes in Indian agricultural universities. At the national level, ICAR is conducted and AGRICET, CG PAT, JCECE, MP PAT are conducted at the state level. The courses offered in agriculture have a great scope. They deal with food production, horticulture, rural economy and development, environmental health etc.......  National Level Agricultural Entrance Exams Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)  –  AIEEA UG  |  AIEEA PG  |  AICE SRF/JRF (PGS) State Level Agriculture Entrance Exams Andhra Pradesh AP Engineering, Agriculture and Medical Common Entrance Test (EAMCET) AGRICET Chhattisgarh CG Pre Agriculture Test (PAT) Indira Gandhi Agricultural University (IGKV) CET Jharkhand Jharkhand Combined Entrance Competitive Examination (JCECE) Maharashtra MCAER Common Entrance Test (CET) Madhya Pradesh MP Pre Agriculture Test

Important Book for Agriculture exams by AGRI BUDDY

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Agriculture Quiz questions - Agri Buddy Instagram YouTube Questions -1 The scientific name of foxtail millet: 1-Eleusine coracana 2-Setaria italica 3-Panicum milaceumm 4-Pennisetum glaucum Answer - Setaria italica is also known as Foxtail millet is an Italian millet ( Kakun).  Note  Finger millet - Eleusine coracana is known as mandua, ragi, birds foot millet.  Proso millet is known as Cheena scientific name is Panicum miliaceum.  Barnyard Millet - Echinochloa frumentacea is known as madria.  Kodo Millet - Paspalum scrobiculatum Little Millet - Panicum sumatrense Question2-The measurement of 'direct solar radiation' use which instrument? 1-Pyranometer 2-Spectroradiometer 3- Pyrheliometer 4-Pyrgeometre Answer - Pyrheliometer Note Pyranometer  is a dome like structure that measures diffused sun energy while  Pyrheliometer  is an instrument that me