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bsc agriculture

In this video we will talk about BSc Agriculture Eligibility, Admission, Entrance Exams, Colleges, Salary, Scope ....  so Before starting the video if you haven't subscribe our channel.... Subscribe it for daily agriculture updates. So Let's start the video........  BSc Agriculture is a 4 year undergraduate course that primarily focuses on research and practices in agricultural science, dealing with disciplines like Genetics and Plant Breeding, Agricultural Microbiology, Soil Science, Plant Pathology, etc.It is a professional degree recognized by the Government of India in the field of agricultural science. This course aims to provide training to implement modern agricultural techniques and technologies in the real world scenario.BSc Agriculture EligibilityStudents who wish to study this course should have 
Completion of Intermediate (12 years of school education) in Science stream.Physics, Chemistry, Biology and/or Mathematics as the subjects of study.Apart from this, candidat…

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Agriculture Quiz questions - Agri Buddy

InstagramYouTubeQuestions -1 The scientific name of foxtail millet:

1-Eleusine coracana 2-Setaria italica 3-Panicum milaceumm 4-Pennisetum glaucum
Answer - Setaria italica is also known as Foxtail millet is an Italian millet ( Kakun). 

Note  Finger millet - Eleusine coracana is known as mandua, ragi, birds foot millet. 
Proso millet is known as Cheena scientific name is Panicum miliaceum. 
Barnyard Millet - Echinochloa frumentacea is known as madria. 
Kodo Millet - Paspalum scrobiculatum

Little Millet - Panicum sumatrense

Question2-The measurement of 'direct solar radiation' use which instrument? 1-Pyranometer 2-Spectroradiometer 3- Pyrheliometer 4-Pyrgeometre
Answer - Pyrheliometer

Note Pyranometer is a dome like structure that measures diffused sun energy while Pyrheliometer is an instrument that measures direct sun's energy. Both are often used in conjunction in meteorological research stations. While Pyranometer measures global solar radiation, Pyrh…