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Bsc agriculture entrance exam

Agricultural exams are held at national, state and university level to grant admission to the candidates in various undergraduate and postgraduate agricultural programmes in Indian agricultural universities. At the national level, ICAR is conducted and AGRICET, CG PAT, JCECE, MP PAT are conducted at the state level. The courses offered in agriculture have a great scope. They deal with food production, horticulture, rural economy and development, environmental health etc.......  National Level Agricultural Entrance Exams Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)  –  AIEEA UG  |  AIEEA PG  |  AICE SRF/JRF (PGS) State Level Agriculture Entrance Exams Andhra Pradesh AP Engineering, Agriculture and Medical Common Entrance Test (EAMCET) AGRICET Chhattisgarh CG Pre Agriculture Test (PAT) Indira Gandhi Agricultural University (IGKV) CET Jharkhand Jharkhand Combined Entrance Competitive Examination (JCECE) Maharashtra MCAER Common Entrance Test (CET) Madhya Pradesh MP Pre Agriculture Test

Agriculture GK Quiz | General Knowledge Quiz on Agriculture | QUIZ-4

Agriculture GK Quiz | General Knowledge Quiz on Agriculture | QUIZ-4 1-The relative proportion of  sand silt and clay is called a-soil texture b-soil structure c-soil aggregate d-soil taxonomy 2- which breed of buffalo has maximum amount of fat in milk a-murrah b-bhadawari c-jafravadi d-mehsana 3-Pusa Sanyog is a variety of a- bottle guard b-snake guard c-cucumber d-pumpkin 4-Shattering process is related to a-potato b-carrot c-reddish d-soyabean 5-black tip in mango is a physiological disorder due to  a-chloride toxicity b-carbon dioxide c-excess boron d-carbon monoxide 6- A phenomenon where a single gene has more than one phenotypic known as a-pleiotropism b-epistasis c-hypostasis d-isomerism 7-Which one of the following countries the farm gate milk price per litre is the highest a-japan b-canada c-india d-usa 8-pea seed will germinate best if soaked in a jar containing a-H2 b-02 c-N2 d-SALT 9-Artocarpus

Agriculture GK Quiz | General Knowledge Quiz on Agriculture | QUIZ-3

Agriculture GK Quiz | General Knowledge Quiz on Agriculture | QUIZ-3 1-which one of the following is not a variety of mango? a-pairi b-arka puneet c-arka  aruna d- arka hans 2- national agriculture day is celebrated on a- 16 july b-1 july c-16 oct d-10 july 3-how many time in  a year MSP  is announced in India? a-01 b-02 c-03 d-04 4-Red flesh is a variety of a-mango b-guava c-grape d-tomato 5- Mildew in grape vine is caused by a-pseudococcus b-heteronychus c-xyleborus d-plasmopara 6-skiffing is practiced in which plantation crop a-tea b-coffee c-rubber d-cashwnut 7-"cricket ball" is an improved variety of a-guava b-litchi c-mango d-sapota 8-D-leaf is best indicator of nutrient status of a-pineapple b-banana c-ber d-mango 9-krishnabhog is a variety of  a-mango b-litchi c-grape d-rice 10- Which variety of amla is highly fibrous and suitable for pickles? a-krishna

Agriculture GK Quiz | General Knowledge Quiz on Agriculture | QUIZ-2

Agriculture GK Quiz | General Knowledge Quiz on Agriculture | QUIZ-2 1- Pegging is the term related to which crop? a-sugarcane b-maize c-groundnut d-cotton e- paddy Answer - c-groundnut 2-Which of the following is low salt tolerant crop ? a-onion b-potato c-brinjal d-strawberry e-garlic Answer -Strawberry 3-NAIP(National Agricultural Innovation Project )was started by ICAR  in ? a-2006 b-2005 c-2007 d-2008 e-2011 Answer -2006 4-Which is total root parasite ? a-orobranche b-conophalis c-epitagus d-all of these e-none of these Answer-All of these 5-Parbhani Kranti  is a popular variety of ? a-brinjal b-pea c-potato d-chilli e-okra Answer - Okra 6-Close planting of banana increase the incidence of ? a-panama wilt b-bunch top c-finger top d-sigatoka leaf e-both 2 and 4 6-D- SIGATOKA LEAF SPOT 7 -Bitterness in bitter gourd is due to ? a-momordicin b-quercetin c-capascin d-n

Agriculture GK Quiz | General Knowledge Quiz on Agriculture | QUIZ-1

Agriculture GK Quiz | General Knowledge Quiz on Agriculture | QUIZ-1 1-spice bag is usually used in the processing of  a-sauces b-jam c- pickles d-nectar e-honey 2-seed of rice is called  a-drupe b-berry c-caryopsis d-pod e-scutellum 3-Economic  part of  Alovera  is  a- root b-leaf c-stigma d-fruit e-thorns 4-Roasting coffee beans improve the content of  a-pantothenic  acid b-niacin c-riboflavin d-thiamine e-all of these 5-In reptiles and bird nitrogen is excreated in the form of a-urea b-uric acid  c-ammonia d-lipids e-protein 6-Swarna is the popular yielding variety of a-wheat b-rice c-sorghum d-maize e-soybean 7-International  Institute of  Horticulture  is a-italy b-brazil c-china  d-china e-none of these 8- which of the following compounds can make the colour of the soil white ? a-iron oxide b-nitrogen  c-phosphorus d-calcite e-glauconite 9-The crop grown for grain,g