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Seed Technology questions

Question 1- The seed Act' was passed in whichyear?1944195419661970Ans  - 1966Question 2  - Purity percentage of foundation seed?99.5%98%95%97%Ans - 99.5 %Question 3 -National Seed Research & Training (NSRTC) is located at  ? Lucknow DehradunVaranasiBhopalAns - VaranasiQuestion 4 - Tag Colour of Registered SeedOpal GreenPurpleGolden YellowWhiteAnswer - PurpleQuestion 5 -Tag Colour of Breeder Seed? Opal GreenPurpleGolden YellowWhiteAnswer- Golden yellowQuestion-6 Impurity percentage of Seed is called  as ? ImpurityBlockageDockageInertAnswer - DockageQuestion 7-Tag Colour of  Foundation Seed ? Opal GreenPurpleGolden YellowWhiteAnswer - WhiteQuestion 8-Tag Colour of  Truthfully labelled Seed? Opal GreenPurpleGolden YellowWhiteAns - Opal GreenQuestion 9 - Objectionable weed of wheat?Argemone mexiconaConvolvulus arvensisOryza sativaChicorum intybusAns- Convolvulus arvensis
Question 10 -Purity percentage of Certified seed?99.5%98%95%97%Ans - 99 %

Question 11-Concept of foundation see…
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Topic included (lac insect/species, host plant, biology, enemies (vertebrates’ insect, predators, parasites) and their control (mechanical, chemical, microbial, biological) and lac cultivation

Topic included (lac insect/species, host plant, biology, enemies (vertebrates’ insect, predators, parasites) and their control (mechanical, chemical, microbial, biological) and lac cultivation. 
Phylum: ArthropodaSub-phylum: UniramiaClass: Hexapoda/lnsectaFamily: KerriidaeSuperfamily: CoccoideaGenus: Kerria  Species: lacca 
Lac is a natural resin of animal origin. It is secreted by an insect, known as lac-insect in order to obtain lac, these insects are cultured and the technique is called lac-culture. It involves proper care of host plants, regular pruning of host plants, propagation, collection and processing of lac. Lac insects under the genus Kerria are generally bi-voltine with two broods in a year. But few species like K. lacca mysorensis (host plant-Sal), and K. sharda (host plant-Kusum) are tri-voltine having three broods in a year. Again, species belonging to the genus Paratachardia (host plants-Tea, Sandal, etc.,) are all univoltine. Host plantPongam or honge (Milletti…

DDA (SO) Horticulture Officer previous year questions

Which Garden is considered  as  Genesis of Gardening? 
1- Brindavan 2- Eden  3- Osaka 4- Hampshire
Ans - Eden Garden
Which is the most commonly used shrub for making Topiary  ?

1- Cassia glauca

2- Poinsettia pulcherima

3- Clerodendron inerme

4- None of these

Answer- Clerodendron inerme
Ques: Which mode of indoor gardening was developed by Dr. Nathaniel Ward?
a) Jar and Bottle gardening b) Terrariums c)Gardening in tubs and urns d) Hanging basket gardening
Ans - Terrariums
Ques: Wild garden was expounded by William Robinson in - a) 19th century b) 18th century c) 20th century d) 17th century
Ans-19th Century
Ques: Running water in the form of water lantern and fountain is themain feature of  ? 
a) Japanese garden b) Mughal garden c)English garden d) Italian garden
Ans - Mughal Garden
Common name of Vinca rosea ? 
1- Ice Plant 2-Euphorbia 3- Sadabahar 4-None ot these
Ans - Sadabahar
Ques- Based on the market value Flowers can be classified as  ? 
1- Annual Flower 2-  Seasonal Flower 3- Cut Flower  4 - All of these
Ans - Cut Fl…

20 Important Agriculture Question

1. The science concerned with vegetable culture is called? 
(a) floriculture (b) olericulture (c) horticulture (d) agriculture
*Ans. Olericulture
2. Which of the following elements is almost  non essential for plants? (a) Ca (b) Mo (c) Zn (d) Na
*Ans. Sodium
3. Who is known as  Sugarcane wizard  ? 
a -  Amitabh Kant b - T S Venkataraman  C-  Abhinav Gussain D-  None of these
Ans  -  T S Venkataraman
4. Which of the following elements is not present in a nitrogenous base?
(a) Hydrogen (b) Carbon (c) Phosphorus (d) Nitrogen
*Ans Phosphorus
5. A water-fern, which is used as a green manure in rice fields, is

(a) Salvinia (b) Mucor (c) Aspergillus (d) Azolla
*Ans. Azolla
6. Green manure plants used by farmers mainly belong to ? 
(a) compositae (b) leguminosae (c) solanaceae (d) poaceae
*Ans. Leguminosae
7. First bioinsecticide developed commercial scale was   ?  (a) quinine (b) DDT (c) organophosphate (d) sporeine
*Ans. sporeine
8. Norin-l0 gene from Japan is a
(a) dwarf gene of wheat (b) dwarf gene of rice (c) dwarf gene o…

General Agriculture Quiz

Q-1Water has Maximum Density at_____ degree  celsius ? 
a-  1 B- 2  C- 3  D -4
Ans  -  4 degree celsius
Q-2 Protein content in maize is _____ 
A-10 % B-15% C-20% D-25%
Ans - 10%
Q-3   Origin of Cotton ? 
1- Africa 2-China 3 -India 4- Ethiopia
Ans  - India
Q-4 Origin of Arhar ? 
1Africa 2-China 3 -India 4- Ethiopia
Ans -  Africa
Q-5  Alexender Flemming discovered? 
1-  Trycocidine 2- Penicillin 3- None of these
Ans - Penicillin
Q-6 Ficus benghalensis is commonly known as? 
1-  Banana 2- Banyan 3- Babul 4- None of these
Ans- Banyan
Q-7 Pungency in Radish is due to....
1) Solanin 2) Capcisin 3) Isothiocyanate 4) Calcium acetate
Q-8  Which of the following is Polyestrous animal  ?  1- Cattle 2 - Pig 3 - Both of these 4- None of these
Ans - both of these ( cattle & pig)
Q-9 Protogyny is found in the case of..
1) Maize 2) Pearl Millet 3) Wheat 4) Chick pea 5) None of these
Answer- Bajra(Pearl millet)
Q-10  In Honey Bee pollen Basket is present on?  A -Fore Legs B-Hind Legs C-Middle Legs D- A  & B Answer - Hind Legs

Agriculture Quiz by Agri Buddy

Q-1 Ozone Layer Is present In? 
1- Troposphere 2- Stratosphere 3-Mesosphere 4- Thermosphere
Ans- Stratosphere 
Q-2 Golden Shower is the Name of? 
1- Cassia fistula 2- Butea monosperma 3-Vachellia nilotica
Ans-Cassia fistula
Q-3  Which year is celebrated as International year of pulses ? 
1- 2015 2- 2016 3- 2017
Ans - 2016
 Q-4 Potassium sulphate is classified as ? 
1- Complex Fertlizer
2- Straight Fertilizer
3- Mixed Fertilizer
Ans - Straight Fertilizer
Q-5  Silver Revolution is related to  ? 
1-   Cotton  production 2-   Jute   production 3-    Egg  production
Ans  -  Egg production
 Q-6 First Manufactured Fertilizer in India  ? 1- S S  P 2- K C L 3- Ammonium chloride
Ans -  SSP  ( Single super Phosphate) Q-7 Casual organism of Udbatta disease of Rice crop ? 1- pyricularia oryzae2- Ephelis oryzae3- Fusarium moniliformeAns - Ephelis oryzaeQ-8  Which fruit is known as bathroom fruit? 1-Orange2-  Banana 3-   MangoAns -  MangoQ-9 Pusa parvati is the mutant variety of? 1- Potato2- French bean3- Cow PeaAns -  French …

Agriculture one linear

Agriculture One Word Linear
- Harijha is a popular variety of? 
Ans   Guava
Important Guava variety 
Q-2  Botanical name of Saffron  ? 
Ans     Crocus Sativus
Q-3  World food safety day celebrated on? 
Ans      7  June
Q-4     Family Of     Eucalyptus  ? 
Ans      Myrtaceae
Q-5       Vandana is an early maturing variety of  ???  Ans      Rice
Q-6     World day to Combat Desertification &                 Drought ? 
Ans      17  June
Q-7      The book principal of Soil Chemistry                   written by  ? 
Ans       T  H  Tan
Q-8       Which is the largest  Maize  producing                country  ? 
Ans          U S A
Q-9      Pork is  the meat  of   ?? 
Ans      Pig
Q 10 -   Hen & Chicken Disorder is due to                        deficiency  of  ? 
Ans        Boron  . 
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